7 DayZ to Mine played 400k times! New update after more than one year!

7 DayZ to Mine for Minecraft (PC version) has been played more than 400,000 times!

In celebration, and after more than one year since the last version, I have released a large new update to one of the most popular zombie apocalypse experiences ever made for Minecraft.


changelog v1.0.2
*Added hostile dire wolves that spawn in darkness and dire wolf textures
*Revamped main menu and removed the annoying Better PVP version nagging
*Added mods: Gravestone, Backpacks, Aggro Wolves, AOBD, AsieLib, BigReactors, Carpenter’s Blocks, Chisel, Computronics, EnderStorage,
iron chests, Jabba, MFR, Redstone Arsenal, Solar Flux, Thermal Dynamics/Expansion/Foundation, Waila, Globalgamerules
*Updated most mods to latest stable version
*Enviromine mod removed (thirst, heat stroke/frostbite and air quality) due to performance issues and bugs
*Added optional light maps for mood

GET 7 DAYZ TO MINE AT THIS LINK!  It is free if you own a legal copy of Minecraft.

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