7 DayZ to Mine: dev feedback request from @glixyl

7 DayZ to Mine for Minecraft is getting an update this Winter in celebration of 400,000 plays!


Before I get too far into adding content, I wanted to get people’s feedback on design to make it better and potentially reach a wider audience.

I will be posting some questions and polls to my Twitter account, such as:

  • Question:  Should the body temperature mechanic be removed or left as-is?  Keeping it in makes it harder to explore and defeats the casual gamer in my experience and from what I have seen others do in videos.  Or, do you think that the heat/cold mechanic adds something important to the experience?
  • Question:  I purposely keep the amount of mods to a minimum for 7 DayZ to Mine for performance reasons, but can probably add a few more mods without affecting performance.  What mods would really complete the zombie apocalypse experience in your opinion?
  • Question: Stylistically, is the current texture pack too cute?  Should it be vanilla, Sphax or some other wasteland/zombie texture pack?

You can get 7 DayZ to Mine on the Technic platform for free if you own a legal copy of Minecraft.

Your feedback is much appreciated and I hope you enjoy playing 7 DayZ to Mine as much as I did making it.


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