7 DayZ to Mine Official 100 Player Server!

7 DayZ to Mine.  This mod pack was created just one month ago and has already been played more than 115,000 times.  It was trending #1 on Technic and was #5 most played mod pack two weeks ago.  This server alone has been visited by roughly 5,000 players.  We have had growing pains in the past, but now we are on a very fast and professionally hosted server provided by Virtual Gladiators; which gives us many more options and resources to do more for you.

Visit the 7 DayZ to Mine Enjin page for more information!

To that end, I am now allowing claims with a small supply of reinforced blocks to help protect your bed and most precious items.  This system of protection will not allow you to protect your machines, farms and other property from sophisticated attacks unless you team up with many players and donators to create a large base protected by reinforced stone.  To claim, you either place your first chest or craft a golden shovel.  Type /abandonallclaims if you wish to just place down a chest to get started.  (a YouTube demonstration will appear in chat when you ask about claims)

In the picture above, the default /kit shack is a one-time kit available to all players and contains 26 reinforced stone, a retinal scanner and a reinforced door; which will protect your base from mining turtles and tunnel bores.  Do not use this kit unless you have five open slots in your inventory as you will lose the items and will not be refunded.  The same goes for keeping the blocks safe, so do not get the kit until you are ready to make your shack as pictured above.  To remove the blocks you must craft a universal block remover.

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