Happy St. Patrick’s Day – Here.. have some Revenge

Happy St. Patrick’s Day


I wanted to give an update related to Entropy current status, Beautiful, Deadly testing and a new version of Glixyl’s Revenge.

Entropy current status:  The Entropy client/server recently needed to be updated due to an issue with the Aliens vs Predator updater.  Luckily the mod author released a fix for us yesterday that stopped the crashes.  For the server.. I am afraid that once again the public server isn’t operating properly.  This is once again due to Aliens vs Predator mod and its insane, uncontrollable, hive resin issue.  (currently there is between 50k and 90k resin loaded as tile entities at all times) This only seems to happen with lots of players over time and didn’t happen during our testing.  Whenever we’ve had enough of the current lagfest, we will need to reboot the map and try a new world generation method I am testing that doesn’t have any resin.

Beautiful, Deadly testing status:  I have a new version of Beautiful, Deadly (107) ready to deploy to the test server and Technic launcher.  It is an update to most the mods and will fix a couple of crash conditions in both single player and multiplayer.  Thank you for those who have tested so far.  A map wipe may be required for the next testing phase, so I apologize in advance.  I expect testing to continue until March 27th.  107 code will be released before this Thursday.

Glixyl’s Revenge:  Until I released Entropy in 2013, most people were mainly interested in my pack called Revenge; which I made in 2012 as a challenge to myself to release something larger and more complex than the Technic/Tekkit mod packs.

A few months ago I released a poll to ask you guys which mod pack I should work on.  Revenge won and I tried to release Revenge for Minecraft 1.7.10.  Unfortunately I had to abandon work on Revenge until recently due to lack of availability of key mods; which are now available.  Today, I release Glixyl’s Revenge into Alpha status for Minecraft 1.7.10.  You need to allocate 2GB of RAM to Technic otherwise you will crash/run out of memory.  Please be patient during loading as the new Revenge has more than 180 Forge mods to load during initialization.

Mod list for Revenge> http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/glixyls-revenge-ii.77097/mods

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