Thanks for the artwork Amaxter!

My friend Amaxter is the maker of the most popular mod packs on Technic, including Steve’s Galaxy, Realm of Mianite, Simplify and many more which you are sure to have heard of.  He also shares (lets me use) his solder repository and we collaborate on ideas from time to time.  Amaxter has done me the honor of making new artwork for Entropy and Beautiful, Deadly.  And.. Revenge; which is being reworked for Minecraft 1.7.10, will have a new version available soon too – so far I have over 202 Forge mods loaded into the client..

Glixyl’s Beautiful, Deadly Technic graphics made by Amaxter

Glixyl’s Entropy Technic art made by Amaxter

Glixyl’s Revenge artwork created by Amaxter

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