Entropy Reworked, 110+ Mods, New Server on Valentine’s Day!

The new expanded version of Entropy* has been in play testing.  There are now 110+ mods in Entropy, with some additions that I am sure you will love.  Our testing team has concluded testing and recommending item/gameplay balance changes.  There are now two versions of Entropy to choose from; Lite (recommended) and Deluxe (latest version).  Lite is for slower computers or computers that have problems with Optifine.  Deluxe version has shaders and sound filters.


*BACKUP YOUR SINGLE PLAYER WORLDS, this version of Entropy breaks your existing maps.

Thanks to the following players for testing:

salem123412, Krole69 – now Entropy Moderators with /kick and /ban capabilities to help police for idiots.  They cannot cheat though and are regular players without game-altering powers.

Lunar_Admiral, CallyStints, MMDGLaDOS, ubermincraft, dimondhunter, killercroc2002 – now Entropy builder rank with some extra commands and perks.

New Server on Valentine’s Day, February 14th.  New Map, New Mods, New Structures!

Highlights/New Mods:  Open Modular Turrets, 4Space adds Venus, Mercury and other planets to Galacticraft, MineChem, Better Records, Big Reactors, Minefactory Reloaded, Crayfish Furniture Mod, Obsidiplates, Re-adding of a glitch-fixed OpenBlocks, Pam’s Harvestcraft (tons of foods), Thermal Expansion, Tradebooth, Minetweaker and more.


Many blocks and items have had their recipes removed or have been disabled to fix glitches.  I hope that you have a fair and balanced gaming experience when I open the server tomorrow.  You keep your money and clans from the last map.

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