Entropy Survival Server Relaunch January 23rd

UPDATE 1/23:  The new Entropy server is open, with the features listed below.  Please avoid combat in the spawn area.  You also can’t build in the spawn area and need to leave the city.  Read claim information below.

Thanks to the many people who have provided feedback for the Entropy mod pack and server.  In particular, thanks to salem123412, mmdglados, Captain Rob Gaming, krole69, Edreak and Amaxter for their help; not to mention all of the mod authors, especially Arisuxx for Aliens vs Predator, Coros for the Localized Weather Mod and the Enviromine team.


There is good news and bad news.  The bad news first:

– The current survival map is broken due to ‘hive resin’ and other AvP blocks spreading like mad; creating hundreds of thousands of ticking tile entities.  (I can stop this moving forward).  We will need to start a new map though and there is nothing I can do about it.. sorry, I tried.

The good news.  I have taken feedback from salem123412 and mmdglados related to server security and game balance.  The following changes will be in effect when the new server launches on 1/23/2015:

1.  The OpenBlocks mod will be removed because of many exploits, some which allow duping, griefing and removal of blocks in protected zones.

2.  Updated anti-griefing, spamming and cheating controls will be put into place.  This is being done due to the amount of time players have spent trying to break my server.  I provide my servers as a free service to the community, and make no money from any of it, so it pains me that people are bent on destroying it at the expense of other’s enjoyment.

3.  The SecurityCraft Code Breaker device is disabled.  In combination with the new claim system, SecurityCraft should keep your gear safe; even when on the surface.  However, you will still need to deploy a Meteor Shield and a Weather Deflector to protect your land from nature.

4.  All users will have the ability to make a claim, by placing their first chest.  Users can trust others to use their claims and open their containers/etc.  The size of your claim is dependent on your total amount of (non-idle) playing time.  This claim is protected against the mods tested in Entropy with some caveats.

5.  To help reduce lag and abuse, there will be an economy and costs associated with teleportation, kits and other functions.

6.  The concept of community is being added with the introduction of a clan or guild system.  Also a scoreboard will record kills, deaths and other details for the player and their respective clans.

7.  Login this Friday, January 23rd to the new server.  Certain players will be promoted to ‘mods’ and those players will be announced.  They will be able to see server lag and stop/restart the server when conditions require it.  Also they will be able to contact me more directly to alert of problems.

Thanks and maybe I will see you on the Entropy:Battlefield server also available within the mulitplayer area of the Entropy client.

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