Beautiful, Deadly – New Release and Server!

Dev_ill and I just released the new version of Beautiful, Deadly last night.  Here is some gameplay footage highlighting some of the features including different shaders, mods and landscapes of this newly updated mod pack.

Think of Beautiful, Deadly as the magical equivalent of our Entropy mod pack.  I liked what we accomplished with Entropy and wanted to do something similar with a fantasy genre that wasn’t too focused on machines and science; but nature and magic.  The world in some ways is more hostile than it was in Entropy, especially dealing with nature.

The textures are default Minecraft 16x, but with Better Foliage mods that make the vegetation more realistic looking; especially if you use shaders.

A word of warning on performance.  My mod packs typically require a decent gaming machine to have a enjoyable experience that is lag free.  I focus on content and eye candy for players who are looking for a special Minecraft experience that is meant to impress the casual observer; perhaps getting them interested in playing Minecraft in the process.





Animated Player – iChun
Better Breeds
Better Dungeons (Chocolate)
Better Foliage
Blood Magic
NEI / Chickencode
Craftable Horse Armor and Saddles
Crossbow Mod 2
Deadly World
DrZhark’s Magic Carpet
Dungeon Crawler
Ender Storage
ExtraBiomes XL
Highlands 2
Inventory Tweaks
Lava Monsters
Meteors Mod
Mob Amputation – iChun
Mob Dismemberment – iChun
Opis / Dynamic Map Writer
Tinkers Construct
Thaumcraft 4
Thaumic Tinkerer
TrailMix 2
Mouse Tweaks
Starting Inventory
Mr. Crayfish’s Furniture Mod
Chisel mod
Dragon Mounts
Small boats mod
Localized Weather and Storms Mod

SHADERS: Custom Lite and Ultra shaders for MacOS, Windows and Linux are available via the video settings->shaders from the options menu.  Hybrid shaders/animated textures with god rays, waving water/reflections and more.
There are a few different ways to use the new graphics and tune them to your system specifications.  All combinations will work on MacOS, Windows and Linux; if you have a fast enough graphics card to render them that is.  I have designed this mod pack to give the users a variety of graphics settings which cover a variety of computer types.  Shaders look best above ground or with the use of light sources such as torches).

**To play this mod pack, you should allocate at least 1.5GB of RAM to Technic Launcher, otherwise you won’t be able to load the nether in single player.  To do this open the Technic Launcher and click the gear icon on the upper right of the Technic Launcher screen.  Allocate 1.5GB of RAM within the Launcher Options screen.
*To use shaders you should allocate 2GB of RAM or more.  Read the shaders information at the bottom of the page for more information.

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