Beautiful, Deadly – Shaders/Textures/Physics/Sanity Release Out

Client and Server for Beautiful, Deadly version 017 is released to Technic.  Download>>  the client and server with custom shaders for MacOS, Windows and Linux here.

A shader and post processing release of Beautiful, Deadly is now released with over 100 animated textures. will be a minor feature update to physics and sanity as well.  There are a few different ways to use the new graphics and tune them to your system specifications.  All combinations work on MacOS, Windows and Linux; if you have a fast enough graphics card to render them that is.  I have designed this mod pack to give the users a variety of graphics settings which cover a variety of computer types.  (shaders look best above ground or with the use of light sources such as torches).

Option 1:  Old/Slow Computer or Laptop

Advanced OpenGL = on, ResourcePack = Default, Graphics = Fast

Option 2: Desktop or Laptop with a dedicated video card

Advanced OpenGL = on, ResourcePack = BlockHybrid, Graphics = Fancy (setting to fancy enables waving leaves and other cool textures without the need for shaders)

Option 3: Powerful Desktop or Laptop such as recent MacBook Pro or Republic of Gamers

Advanced OpenGL = off, ResourcePack = BlockHybrid, Shaders = ‘meeps’ or ‘meepsultra’ (I needed to modify the shader files to be compatible with the other mods I am using), Graphics = Fast or Fancy (fancy enables best lighting, waving objects, etc. but is very resource intensive.)  This setting is shown on my MacBook Pro in the screenshot below.

Beautiful, Deadly with highest graphics settings

Beautiful, Deadly (new interface) with highest graphics settings

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