Dark Souls II – my kind of game

I don’t usually review games, but there is something special I wish to tell you about which has shaped my own mod packs and has fed my hunger for extreme difficulty.

A few years ago I was home sick with the flu, feeling miserable.  Then all of a sudden this advertisement came on TV about a new game called ‘Demon’s Souls‘.  This game was supposedly one of the most difficult games ever made and had the endorsement of many publications.  I immediately got dressed and went to the local video game shop to pick it up.

Upon arriving at home I installed the game on my PS3.  Over the next few hours I got killed so many times that I was laughing at how brutal this Demon’s Souls game was.  I spent many hours over the next month or so playing it and loved every minute of it.  Simply hacking and slashing at every monster wasn’t possible in Demon’s Souls..  Instead you needed to take great care and have patience fighting almost every enemy, parrying, blocking and dodging attacks; sometimes running away was the only solution.

When the successor to Demon’s Souls (called Dark Souls) came out I was too busy with work and family to pick it up.  However, I picked up a copy for my little brother as well as a strategy book; to help him get through it.  Because of the time I spent playing Demon’s Souls my brother always asks me questions about Dark Souls, but I never seemed to know the answer.  This time around with Dark Souls II, I decided that I would play along with my him so that I could help him with it and compare experiences.

The metal finished case is textured and feels menacing to the touch.

The metal finished case is textured and feels menacing to the touch.

Because my brother lives far off of the power grid with limited access to internet (dial-up), I decided to pick up the Collector’s Edition Dark Souls 2 book for a gift to him again this time.  This book is high quality with amazing artwork, maps, tips and an attention to detail.

Dark Souls II - Collector's Edition book has excellent artwork and detail.

Dark Souls II – Collector’s Edition book has excellent artwork and detail.

Dark Souls II is a wide open game that is even more punishing than the previous two. Each time you die you lose some of your maximum health. Key items like the healing Estus Flask from Dark Souls I are crippled.  Just like its predecessors, your game can be invaded by evil players bent on ruining your day.  Made by Namco Bandai, Dark Souls II is available on XBOX 360, PS3 and coming soon on PC.  The Dark Souls II official site.

One thing to keep in mind is that Nvidia 3D Vision was supported by Helix mods on Dark Souls for PC, which was very cool in addition to the other mods you can install such as HD (1080p and larger) support.  Hopefully Helix will create a custom driver for this new title on PC as well.  If you have 3D Vision on PC and don’t know what Helix is, get over to the site and check it out now as there are so many titles which actually support 3D.  If not 3D vision, maybe an Oculus Rift driver for the new prototype?

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