Beautiful, Deadly BETA Release – Server Available

A BETA release of Beautiful, Deadly is now available including a server.  To get it, go to the Technic page.


Download the server at the Technic page or click this link>

Beautiful, Deadly is an extreme survival mod pack for Minecraft 1.6.4 based in a world of magic.


The world and nether are full of traps and randomly generated dungeons, both above and below ground.  You must drink clean water to avoid dying of thirst.  In the dark, you will begin to go crazy unless your area is lit.  Air quality is also a danger, especially underground and with the use of too many torches, but the use of plant life such as leaves will clean up the air.  Stay warm in cold environments, but also avoid overheating in places such as the Nether, where drinking ‘cold water’ will help cool you.  While mining, cave-ins are a possibility.  Avalanches happen and other block physics react more realistically.

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