Beautiful, Deadly Prototype

My son and I have released our new prototype mod pack called Beautiful, Deadly on the Technic platform.  It contains some bugs and should be used as a demo primarily, but I know you will have fun playing it.  We are in the process of testing and refining now and will have a more official release soon.  If you like what you see, please +1 it on Technic.  Server will come soon after we have a more balanced release ready.  Thanks!! – glixyl  p.s.- Dev_ill and I will release some gameplay videos for this soon.. its sort of like Entropy, but harder, faster and based on magic instead of technology.


<Click Here for the Technic Page>

**To play this mod pack, you must allocate at least 1.5GB of RAM to Technic Launcher, otherwise you won’t be able to load the nether in single player.  To do this open the Technic Launcher and click the gear icon on the upper right of the Technic Launcher screen.  Allocate 1.5GB of RAM within the Launcher Options screen.

Beautiful, Deadly is the latest mod pack by Glixyl and Dev_ill.  It features extreme difficulty, magic, cave-ins, land slides, highlands and extra biomes, environmental dangers, an animated resource pack (poor man’s shaders for slower machines) and advanced server troubleshooting tools.


Thirst, extreme cold and heat, air quality, fear and cave-ins are some of the challenges to overcome in Beautiful, Deadly.

DEADLY (READ THIS):  The world and nether are full of traps and randomly generated dungeons, both above and below ground.  You must drink clean water to avoid dying of thirst.  In the dark, you will begin to go crazy unless your area is lit.  Air quality is also a danger, especially underground and with the use of too many torches, but the use of plant life such as leaves will clean up the air.  Stay warm in cold environments, but also avoid overheating in places such as the Nether, where drinking ‘cold water’ will help cool you.  While mining, cave-ins are a possibility.  Avalanches happen and other block physics react more realistically.


Animated Player – iChun
Better Breeds
Better Dungeons (Chocolate)
Blood Magic
NEI / Chickencode
Craftable Horse Armor and Saddles
Crossbow Mod 2
Deadly World
DrZhark’s Magic Carpet
Dungeon Crawler
Enter Storage
ExtraBiomes XL
Highlands 2
Inventory Tweaks
Lava Monsters
Meteors Mod
Mob Amputation – iChun
Mob Dismemberment – iChun
Opis / Dynamic Map Writer
Tinkers Construct
Thaumcraft 4
Thaumic Tinkerer
TrailMix 2
Mouse Tweaks
Starting Inventory
Mr. Crayfish’s Furniture Mod
Chisel mod
Dragon Mounts
Small boats mod

RESOURCE PACK: Blocksmith Hybrid [CTM] by Blocksmithed featuring animated textures, waving grass, animated items and even waving leaves (on fancy).

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