Glixyl’s Revenge 2 Public Server Release

Revenge 2 server has been released to the public in version 2.3.1.  I am still working on the 2.4 update and will have that out within the next month or so.

For now, please enjoy this public server release and thanks for the likes on my Technic account.

INSTALL:  Visit the Glixyl’s Revenge 2 Technic page and click the server download link in the description.  To launch the server use the included “start – java 7.bat” file on Windows or the script for Linux.

SERVER PROTECTIONS:  By default, claiming land with /mytown will protect your players against the threats in this mod pack as well as keep enemy players out of your town.  PVP is on by default, so combat can take place outside of towns.  To promote users from Visitor rank, use the /pex commands.  (see README-glixyl.txt file in the server download)


3 thoughts on “Glixyl’s Revenge 2 Public Server Release

      • I will get another file serve account to help on the weekends, which is when I seem to have problems with too many downloads. My non-profit, Aegis Gaming removed their file server where I was hosting many of these files. Sorry and the links should once again work now.

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