Glixyl’s Entropy Server Download, version 021

Thanks everyone for voting for Entropy at my Technic Page.  I have released the Entropy server and client, version 021, download the server at

The server is MCPC+ based, which means that you can add some /plugins to the server to customize it further.  By default, it is setup to provide some simple /home commands, /spawn and has a simple Essentials based economy.  Players start with basic stone tools and weapons to give them a chance to get established.

In Entropy, the world is falling apart!  Entropy is a brand new hardcore physics sandbox designed to provide a hostile environment set in space, the overworld and hell.  highlights: extreme weather such as tornadoes, land slides, cave-ins, block physics, meteor strikes, day walking zombies that can sense your blood, space travel, boss mobs, blowing leaves, erosion, land mines, traps, guns, planes, night vision, power suits, all the University Electricity mods and more!

MODS> Galacticraft, Complex Machines, Applied Energistics, Modular Power Suits, LavaMonsters, Tornadoes, Falling Meteors, Zombie Awareness, Fluid Mechanics, IC2, Dynamic Lights, InvTweaks, Zipline/Grappling Hook, Flan’s mod with lots of packs, Biotech, MineChem 3, Rei’s Minimap, ICBM, Moveplus, EnderStorage, Mekanism, Anti-burn (smp), Dungeon Crawler, Atomic Science, Player Heads, ChickenChunks, Assembly Line, ComputerCraft, Basic Components, Pet Bat, animated default texture pack supporting waving fire, leaves, grass, crops, etc.

NOTE* – if you are having issues building as a non OP user, ensure that /plugins doesn’t contain WorldGuard, WorldEdit or Essentials AntiBuild plugins.  If so, remove them or configure them.

The Revenge 2 server is now at 42 votes and I will release the server at 75.  Please vote for Revenge 2!

In the coming weeks I will unveil my newest project.  Stay tuned for that announcement and follow @glixyl on Twitter!

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