entropy updating to Minecraft 1.5.1, play footage

The new version of entropy promises to be my most diabolical death machine yet.  A coming map wipe marks the introduction of entropy on Minecraft 1.5.1 at Aegis Gaming with even more danger and chaos than before in a post apocalyptic and broken world.  Undead wander in hordes, have special abilities and can both smell and see players at a larger distance.  The environment itself is very hostile from the extreme weather to difficulty with food.  You will even need to harvest bone meal from skeletons to grow grass- just to find seeds.  There are many pitfalls, traps, arrow/fire spawners, towers that you need to explore to find essential items, all kinds of special monsters with abilities from Minecraft as well as some interesting Aliens 🙂  Check out video footage of entropy during alpha testing as well as some of the coming additions and changes to entropy in the new version 007 (soon to be promoted as standard version in Aegis launcher).

p.s.- warning the lyrics are explicit in the video.  also I am working on a design for 2 or more ridiculously difficult ‘alien fortresses’ that will be incorporated into the mod pack as well as the coming competitive gaming modes/arenas.

3 thoughts on “entropy updating to Minecraft 1.5.1, play footage

    • I am doing configuration tweaking and trying to test some things so I can get something in the Aegis launcher tonight, then roll the server out sometime tomorrow with a minimal spawn area. You will have your nukes muhahaha 🙂 The one final thing I am trying to make work is to have both the block physics working/tweaked and the ‘deadly world’ traps and random spawners

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