Revenge 2.1 Update – 118 Mods – Now Available

UPDATE 28th March- have put Revenge 2 into ForgeBukkit/MCPC+ in a test environment; which means that you will be able to use Bukkit plugins on Revenge 2 soon and host your own server.  Working on a simple tutorial with some download links for copying the client and configs (from the launcher) and making a server from it due to the fact that Forge mods are universal now.  The Revenge 2.1a update will provide this functionality and some other minor updates as well as a surprise.

Revenge 2.1 update is now released to the public.  There are now 118 mods and lots of updates to the existing mods with bug fixes.  Some new highlights> Shelves/book cases/armor stands/potion racks/display cases, Dimensional Doors, the return of RailCraft, barb wire, code doors, electric fence, backpacks mod, liquid relays, more composite armor.  Shaders are once again available for Revenge 2 in three varieties.  TIP- I love default textures with the ‘bump shadows waving’ shader, available via ‘options’ menu.

Download the launcher and play Revenge 2.1 update from

The server IP is coded into the client.  There is a towns system and updated server protections.

3 thoughts on “Revenge 2.1 Update – 118 Mods – Now Available

  1. When is the server client going to be available for download? I really want to try this modpack on a private server with a couple of friends…

    • I am in the process of getting Revenge 2 on ForgeBukkit now so that is has access to the Bukkit plugin library for stuff like economy, LogBlock (detecting griefers), MultiVerse and other cool stuff. That will allow users to simply follow a small server tutorial and copy the client mods/configs into folders and run the server. That way I don’t have to distribute a separate package for the server, which will be easier on the server admins and me. Plus they can pick and choose the plugins to customize and extend Revenge 2 for their friends and/or their hosting needs.

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