AdventureTech Ultimate has Arrived for Public Download!

UPDATE 1/2/2013 – I have put up a server list for my mod packs on the right-side navigation panel, which is something I really never thought about doing before.  If you want your server listed here, please drop me a note or comment as well as the server version such as Revenge or AdventureTech.

Happy 2013 everyone!  In celebration of the New Year I am releasing AdventureTech Ultimate for public use on small servers.  That’s right.. you can download the server for yourselves as well as a client auto-installer with optional manual install instructions.

There are 54 mods in total.  Here are some of the highlights> Twilight Forest, Legendary Beasts, TooManyPlants, Forgotten Nature, Steve’s Carts 2, ComputerCraft, DungeonPack, Coral Mod, Parachute mod, Chococraft, Metallurgy 2, Thaumcraft 3, Factorycraft, Factorization, Familiars, Damage Indicators, Not Enough Items, Status Indicators, multi-crafting table, Rei’s minimap, Balkon’s weapon mod with metallurgy addons, Jammy Furniture Mod, Backpack, Ticks Per Second, Recipe Remover, Campfire mod, invtweaks, ironchests, sword pedestal, teleport stones, Lockit, Optifine, Forge and more!

client download* – also contains HD Faithful32x texture pack and texture upgrades for crops, trees and plants.

server download> – suitable in its default configuration for hosting 2-8 friends over the internet or LAN.

* You must downgrade your local minecraft client to MC 1.4.5 with MCNostalgia or another method to use the auto-installer or manual install instructions.  Follow the instructions in the read me file within the client zip to downgrade to 1.4.5.  (the current version of Minecraft is 1.4.7) – if you skip this step it will not work!  Here is the link for MCNostalgia>

8 thoughts on “AdventureTech Ultimate has Arrived for Public Download!

  1. Not exactly sure where I am suppose to go to SUPPORT for SUPPORT QUESTIONS but okay. Here it goes.

    I use MCnostalgia to downgrade it to 1.4.5 (Value 140 on MCN) it works and then I have to manually instal because your installer doesn’t work at all for me (Took me over 2 hours to figure that out…) When I follow the steps 100% I get “Failed to unpack” and I have to click done. So I do the manual instal. I’ve been installing mods since Mo’creatures first came out. So… a LONG time. Haven’t done this in awhile but I know the process.

    So I do the usual (Read your instructions and follow them to the T) It all works and I get into game. It even get the “FML is setting up your minecraft environment” when I click on Mods in the root menu of MC. I see only 7 mods. Optifine – MC coder pack – Forge M loader – MC forge – GuiAPI – Reiminimap.

    I get into game and its like Vanilla Minecraft with a Mini Map… I have none of the actual content mods listed… I guess I didn’t follow your few step instructions very well…(10 tries in a row) or this build is BS.

  2. I really would like this build since it seems even the Aegis Gaming Client Adventure Tech mod wont work either. Revenge 2 works 100%. But nothing else does. wtf? I am very b

    What I get from the Adventure Tech is, I load up and log in. I see MOJANG. I am able to select Singleplayer and even select/create a new world. The world loads “Loading World” then it says “Building Terrain” underneath that. Theeeen it stops and says “Shutting down internal server”

    I’ve searched on google. Can’t find anything for a solution. I am getting annoyed and about to just give up and go to Feed the Beast. Because unlike this one. It was easy to instal and is now playable. (Just its content is so much like Tekkit its sickening)

    Sooo annoying dwnadnawjkdnawjkdnawiowequioheqwnd awcdjkqaw

  3. Okay so I removed Revenge 2 and now Adventure Craft works. Aaaand Revenge 2 wont. So you cant have 2 builds at once it seems? Still can’t seem to get the Ultimate build to work… 😦

  4. Sad I’ve spent nearly my entire day trying to instal this build the way YOU say to instal it…No clue why its only NOT working for me. But in the past 15 minutes I went and DLed Modloader and just did it the old school way. I should have fucking did that in the first place. Now it works NO thanks to anyone here. Since there is no fucking support page. Fuck this shit yo. Good Mod Pack. But fuck you dude.

    • Hey man I am one person, not the FTB or Tekkit team; doing this as a hobby and not trying to make money on it or anything. You are trying to play what version of AdventureTech? If its 0.8.5 ultimate I have updated that post. You need to use MVC (minecraft version changer) and not MCNostaligia as that mod author/program stopped working a bit ago. I discovered this myself recently. If you are trying to play 1.0.3b, available on the top of the post and in the Aegis Launcher- I am guessing you are using MacOS? I have had a lot of problems with later forge versions and such with optifine and many of the mods I use in combination. It’s not easy getting 60-100 mods to work together without an occasional conflict on various computer setups.. I do have a lot of people playing these mods packs and for the most part that work well; with the occasional crash or person not being able to play.

    • I will leave your comments up because you posted four times in the last hour, without giving me a chance to reply to you. This is a good example of how not to interact with someone online everyone. Bravo.

  5. Sorry that you are only one person. But I did state that you need a community board. I understand that YOU cant be there to answer every question. So if you actually did intend to interact with me. You would have read that I said ANYONE. Meaning your site community as a whole. Get a forum page where some one other than YOU can answer simple questions. That’s how a LOT of things get done on sites like these. Tbh you did answer to this pretty quickly its just my day was long. And I wasn’t ready to wait days apon days for an answer. Which tbh I didn’t think I would get. Hence the nasty tone of the last post.

    Yes the last bit of that was directed twords you. Because you have no forums or place where people who enjoy this pack can commune. Not saying that this entire day would have have been negated with it. But it would have made me feel less like I wouldnt get a reply because I was posting in some random thread with no posts on it.

    And also the MCN worked just fine buddy. You DL the 1.4.6 Vanilla build then downgrade that to 1.4.5. 1.4.7 wont work obviously. As I said I got it to work 100% fine without all this BS. Funny thing is going through all the other sites and youtube videos of people having the EXACT same problem. I am not saying a fucking word. Since you have no Forums for me to post what I did. Enjoy having more people like me getting mad at you. Though that’s what the internet is. ^__^

    Oh and you think that I only posted here? Sorry but my posts have been on other sites trying to figure this out for much longer than you think (Since I couldnt find boards with people to talk to). The only reason it happnd in 1 hour here was because it was the end of my journey. I said “Fuck it I am posting right here” So yeah you be smug and leave this up. It just proves even more that you really are an asshole. 🙂

    Mad props for putting this together. Its pretty solid. Looking forward to playing more. Just get a fucking forum page or a community chat or something ffs. So that when people have issues they dont feel lost and run around the internet trying to pick up any information they can (Which actually doesn’t really exist because this is so new) So yeah I won’t be returning to this page to see if you did or didn’t leave THIS one up. Which I am sure you won’t but you will leave the others up. Proving again that you are an asshole. 🙂

    • you waited one hour.. you didn’t post in the morning; but shot out all of your anger at once during a 1 hour rant. you could have went over to and asked them on their forums. you could have relaxed and watched television or a youtube video. but you chose to be a troll and exemplify bad behavior. and I will be smug and leave this up thanks for playing. and by the way thanks for liking my mod packs 🙂

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