AdventureTech YouTube Channel

For those of you who do not know, there is an entire YouTube channel devoted to AdventureTech.

Please give some love to the channel, subscribe if you wish – and check out some of the adventures and mishaps that Spitfire and other YouTube personalities have had during the Open Beta of AdventureTech.  He also has a bunch of contests, prizes and is a certified YouTube partner! (you might even see yourself talking or your house on an episode or two)

AdventureTech ultimate YouTube channel.


I will be releasing the current version of AdventureTech to the public before 1/1/2013 so that people can host their own servers and keep their own maps going long-term on this current platform.

I think that you will like to run this more expansive version with a small group of friends, where you don’t have to worry about the problems associated with public servers.  Mods included are: Forgotten Nature, Legendary Beasts, Familiars, Steve’s Carts, Coral mod, Too Many Plants, NEI + addons, wireless redstone chicken bones edition, campfire mod, secret rooms mod, damage indicators, armor/status indicators, factorycraft, factorization, animal packers, optifine, invtweaks, Rei’s minimap, twilight forest, ComputerCraft, Thaumcraft 3, Metallurgy 2, Sword Pedastal, Lockit, Teleport stones, parachute mod, Torojima’s Chococraft, Jammy’s Furniture mod, dungeon pack, Iron Chests, Balkon’s weapon mod with metallurgy 2 support, multi-crafting table, ultra version with shaders and two HD texture packs with different effects.

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