List of Mods, Map and Documentation for 2011 Revisited ‘Lowes’ Server

MAP OF LOWE’S SERVER – 2011 Revisited.  To find the Copper, Tin, Ruby and other ores you need to explore outside the exposed map or mine the Nether.  Sorry, but the map is too huge to post here in one image and it had to be split into three. 

There is a very large amount of content and interplay between the mods in the Tekkit 2.1.1 pack.

The Tekkit launcher can be downloaded for Windows at>

For a video of how to get / install the Tekkit pack (its very easy imo), but you can watch this if you need help>

SERVER INFO: same Minecraft server IP as always, default port (25565)



Buildcraft Complete Package by SpaceToad, Bukkit by Maeyanie

Additional Pipes  courtesy of DaStormbringer, Bukkit by halvors

RedPower courtesy of Eloraam, Bukkit by Maeyanie

Power Crystal’s Mods courtesy of power crystals, armed_troop and TehKrush, Bukkit by davboecki, muCkk, RichardG867

Convienient Inventory by ShadowAlex

Forestry by SirSengir, Bukkit by Maeyanie

MAtmos by Hurricaaane

Industrial Craft 2 courtesy of Alblaka and the IC2 Team, Bukkit by muCkk

Advanced Machines for IC2 by AtomicStryker

Charging Bench for IC2 by  Drashian, Bukkit by cpw

Railcraft Bukkit by CovertJaguar

Inventory Tweaks by jimeowan

Chickenbones Mods courtesy Chickenbones and Ecu

Rei’s Minmap

ComputerCraft by dan200, Bukkit by halvors

Balkon’s Weapon Mod by BalkondeurAlpha, Bukkit by Gamephantom

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