2011 Minecraft Server Revisited – Tekkit 2.1.1

*** UPDATE – 3/28 – this is the current server.  Download the Tekkit launcher.  It won’t interfere with your regular Minecraft install.  A duplication bug in CraftingTableII pretty much ruined Glixyl SMP for me.  CraftingTableII is disabled on this server.

A lot of people put time and energy into the Minecraft server we built in 2011.

I have taken that server and updated it to Tekkit 2.1.1; which is an amazing set of client and server mods that have a good deal of synergy between them.  This is based on the Spoutcraft and Bukkit framework that we used for the PVP tournament; but in this case instead of vanilla Minecraft we have a ton of extra mods and mobs.  Thats all we have to do to get the client is visit this website to download and connect to the default Minecraft server port of 25565> http://www.technicpack.net/tekkit

Please see the video for a demonstration of new features and some fly-overs of your bases.  The server and client support 1077 rows of recipes, roughly 3 times the content of the current Glixyl SMP v0.5 server.

The Nether now has the same ore as the overworld, but mixed within its crust and it is a dangerous place to say the least.

I have also configured increased difficulty and bonus mob spawns in both the overworld and nether.  I am testing the proper spawn frequencies and difficulty by exploring/mining with a partner to watch my back.  It seems to be tweaked decently now, but it is very difficult to be outside at night or in the Nether now; but very fun.

The client contains both single and multiplayer mod packs.  You need to download the Technic Launcher for Windows (EXE), Mac (OSX) or Linux (JAR) from the left navigation panel and make sure that you have the ‘Tekkit’ mod selected in the upper left pane of the Tekkit Launcher like pictured here.

The server is up now on port 25565 for your enjoyment.  If you want to play single player on steroids, the Technic mod included in the launcher package contains just about everything Minecraft offers in a single package too.  MediaFire doesn’t allow anonymous uploads anymore, so I won’t be distributing client or server mods anymore.  Using Tekkit is a great way for everyone to know they are on the proper version to connect to the server and not mess with their existing Minecraft client.

When updating to Minecraft 1.2 or later, you will be able to just use this launcher according to the Technic/Tekkit team.

This the the map for Lowes as of January, 2012.  You can use this to locate unexplored land which will have the requisite ores, rubber trees and oil wells.  Otherwise you will need to visit the Nether to mine at least the ores.


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