PVP Tournament Finished, 2/29/2012 — PVP is OFF

The PVP tournament has completed, but the PVP server remains online today with PVP set to FALSE.

Please submit your entry for Iron Prize (best hideout) to my email account or comment on this page.

If you have a base you are proud of, submit a screenshot or link to a YouTube URL like I have done below for another player.

If you don’t know my email address, talk to the family member who told you about this.

acreson’s submission:

Diamond Prize – not awarded.  Not enough conflict to award this.

Gold Prize – Blas02.  He gets to pick the server mods and gets his name in the motd.

Iron Prize – acreson unless someone can beat his submission on an existing hideout with coordinates shown in a screenshot and I can verify.  The Iron Prize is a weekly wish for quantity 1 of any item id in the game.

Stone Prize – shared between boots and ftyw team.  You will split the enchanted items in half; which include a medium enchanted (level 20-40 enchants) suit of armor, bow and sword: of grades iron – diamond.

After tomorrow, the server will be reverted to the pre-tournament server that I call “Lowe’s”, after modern_ketchup’s creations, and I will distribute the PVP server map files in a zip and put the link in this post here>

The mcMMO scores and experience gained in the tournament will be awarded to everyone on “Lowe’s”.

The prizes can be awarded to the winners at any time (of their choice) on any server that I admin moving forward.  The prizes’ scope will remain in effect for two months after receiving them; for those prizes that have duration such as Iron and Gold.

In the meantime, read my post below about our new advanced building server running on port 25566.  This server requires Glixyl’s Auto-Installer v0.2 that you can download and install below.

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