Anarchy Week February 10th-19th

I don’t think that I gave people enough warning, so let’s change this from Anarchy Weekend to>


From now until February 19th, PVP kills you deal are worth double the points as normal (from 5 to 10).

Also, mcMMO experience is increased for this time period as well to allow people just getting into the action time a chance to catch up.

Why participate?  Lemme tell you why!?!  If you win the gold prize, you get to pick the next server mod, map and mode.  Why is this cool???  Check out the following links to examples of what is possible now with Minecraft multiplayer>

Minerraria – A terraria Multiplayer minecraft server and client mod (based off the famous indie game)

Castle Defenders – Multiplayer Castle Defense and Invasion Mod

Mo’Creatures – If the SMP work is completed by then. Last compatible server version is Minecraft 1.8.1 and waiting for update.

HD Player Skins and Capes

Minecraft 1.2 vanilla might be cool too with its jungle, cats and such.. I won’t make someone use their prize if we need to do that though.

A ton of Bukkit mods, Spout mods, graphical mods, farming mods and even the options of going back to old maps — or going to a multi-world setup with warps/teleports and advanced magic.

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