Three Maps to Vote on for the PVP Tournament: Map B Wins

MAP B wins, check out the high-resolution image by clicking and zooming in.

Here are the 3 maps to vote on for PVP.  I generated all three as admin, set world border to 375  450 blocks radius from world spawn.  Then filled and trimmed them into these disks you see before you.  The area 208 blocks from edge of map to world border is visible, but you cannot get there and only exists for aesthetics and to avoid visual artifacts when close to the edge of the map.

Map A- Archipelago, Map B- Diversity or Map C- Cold and Wet


3 thoughts on “Three Maps to Vote on for the PVP Tournament: Map B Wins

    • I cannot double the size of the map, but I can slightly increase the world border without running into issues. The current size of the world is 375 blocks from world radius; and according to the WorldBorder documentation the edge of the map is 208 blocks out from there. I will increase the radius to something like 425 on our current test server and we can try it out tonight.

      • New world border is 450 blocks from radius and seems to be more comfy.. altough I would prefer it to be a little smaller. For frame of reference, the villages in both Map A and the current PVP test server are roughly at the edge of the world (verified on PVP test server only).

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