PVP Test Server Overhead Map, moving tournament up to February 3rd: will post maps to vote on Feb 1st.

There is demand to move the PVP tournament sooner.  Let’s do this Friday to give people notice, and have it start on the weekend.  I know a few more people will play, but will need until Friday to get ready..

I changed out the PVP test server again and this time published the overhead map.  The world border is set to 375450 blocks radius from world spawn.  The map was rendered beyond this border, then trimmed into the circular shape you now see; then all chunks were populated so that the arena is fully generated.  For the tournament, I will publish 3 maps for the oponents to vote on here.

The current PVP tournament will run from February 3rd (Friday) until end of the month.  Whoever wins the GOLD prize described in the post below will pick the next server mode, difficulty and map.  Meaning we can go back to an earlier map such as the last survival map, a new creative one.. or even our old world Kreulon.  The rules of the contest stay the same, but there is no establishment period; just jump on the server Feb 3rd and start playing.  I will post the list of server mods and all links for reading in the final pre-tourney post tomorrow.

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