Survival Player vs Player Update


Craftbukkit has finally been released for Minecraft 1.1.

I checked the plugin lists and people are releasing like mad.  Unless we get a ton of people, we will need to restrict the map size for the final contest.

I will probably be running the mods below to keep things both competitive and safe: (EDIT 1/27-  I have these plugins and more working on my home test machine)

WorldBorder- I am playing with a plugin that will allow the map size to be fixed to a certain size; which will be based on the number of oponents.  (see image on left)

Anti X-ray-  to help prevent being able to see through the map; either on accident or on purpose.  I am also using a seed obfuscator on chuck generation to prevent any other xray hacks..

I am also contemplating publishing the overhead map in advance, using a cartography tool.  Thinking that I would generate 3 random maps and have us vote on the map.  Depends on your feedback, but sometimes it is fun to strategize before the tactics begin..

Also- this is the updated contest rules, based on player feedback>

DIAMOND prize = bragging rights and enchanted diamond pick determined by highest kill/death ratio

GOLD prize = of name in MOTD and choice of server mode until next contest ( ( kills * 5) – (death from any source) ) = final player score

IRON prize = wishes will be granted for whoever wins best surviving hideout; as determined by player vote.  A wish will be the ability to gain 1 item ID of choice, once per week on Survival/PVP.  On creative mode, wish entails gaining the ability of teleport at all times.

STONE prize = (most playtime and least kills) – suit of unique enchanted armor and bow at the beginning of next contest to help you along next time.

Which prize do you want??  Hard decision, but I bet IRON prize is the most difficult to win!

This is the link to the most recent threadsafe Minecraft client>

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