Prometheus Rising 015 Released

Updated to version 015. Lakes will no longer generate in previously explored chunks. Sky Stone can now be formed on a crafting table from Sky Stone Dust. Mobs should no longer spawn in lit bases.


Prometheus Rising version 013 released

Added the Goo Mutant spawn to Varda Forest biomes. Trilobites will no longer spawn in Varda Forest biomes because they are getting caught up in alien trees.

Thanks to ‘Dave’ for reporting the problem with too many spawns/entities.  I made some changes in version 013 that should improve things.

Downloadable server version as well.  Tell your friends about Prometheus Rising and please ‘like’ (+1) the modpack on Technic.

Get it here>

Bad Day on LV-223 – New Update to Prometheus Rising

I just released version 012, which makes the monster spawns much more consistent. Engineers and Yautja spawn in the cave systems. There is more iron and diamond to be found while mining below ground.  Deacon Sharks once again spawn underwater and as you walk away from world spawn, spawn rates of creatures will be more consistent.

Download and play for free:

Aliens vs Predator – Prometheus Rising v011Released

Happy Friday everyone.  Prometheus Rising v011 makes use of the newest AVP code, has many bug fixes, new monsters such as the Aethon and much improved world generation.  There is more food available in the beginning and some other user feedback integrated into this version as well as fixes to quest lines.

Ri5ux and CyberCat5555 have been working really hard on AVP mod and you can see a lot of this work in this remastered edition of Prometheus Rising.

If you want to download and play it for free, go to

There is a downloadable server at the link above which will allow you to play with your friends.


In this terrifying sci-fi horror adventure set in the Aliens vs Predator Universe, you play as a civilian scientist on a mission to discover the fate of the USCSS Prometheus and her crew. Upon waking from cryosleep, you and your crew find yourself scrambling for your life as your own spaceship is shot out of the sky. Survive on the moon LV-223 Varda from the movie Prometheus with your friends in multi-player or alone in single-player. Use science to unlock the secrets of Colonial Marine, Predator, Engineer and Alien technology. Research the Assembler and locate Yautja Artifacts that will allow you to create Predator armor which allows you to see in thermal and electromagnetic spectrum. Wear Alien armor that allows you to scale vertical surfaces like an actual Xenomorph. Use science and the power of your mind to research and design your own custom spaceship to escape the hostile world.



Alien: Prometheus Rising – Early Release for Testers coming soon

If you are interested in testing and/or showcasing Alien: Prometheus Rising for Minecraft, new update on YouTube or other social media outlets, contact @glixyl on

Prometheus Rising is a hardcore quest set 54 years after the events of the movie Prometheus on LV-223 Varda.

Dev_ill’s Modernized – New Update

It has been a year since I updated Dev_ill’s Modernized for Minecraft.  Dev_ill is my son and his mod pack focuses on modern architecture, vehicles, decorations, furniture, security systems, cooking, painting, sculpting and is intended to be played in creative mode.

A 128×128 modern texture pack is included with many gorgeous post processing effects.

It now has a downloadable server as well.  Get Dev_ill’s Modernized at:


7 DayZ to Mine – Deluxe Version