Bad Day on LV-223 – New Update to Prometheus Rising

I just released version 012, which makes the monster spawns much more consistent. Engineers and Yautja spawn in the cave systems. There is more iron and diamond to be found while mining below ground.  Deacon Sharks once again spawn underwater and as you walk away from world spawn, spawn rates of creatures will be more consistent.

Download and play for free:

24 thoughts on “Bad Day on LV-223 – New Update to Prometheus Rising

  1. Nice mod and quests. But the spawns spiralled out of control quickly… Our server crawled to a snails pace and we did a killall command, it removed 5000 entities… Is this just near the world spawn? Is there anything in the config we can change to avoid this?

    • I suspect the Deacon Shark again. I am going to put out an update in the next few days with more content and less Deacon Sharks- I may even have to remove them. If it is not Deacon Sharks, it may be the fish.. I used a newer version of JAFF that supposedly makes less fish entities in the last update, so hopefully its not JAFF.

      • On our world we could also see massive amounts of Deacons, Trilobytes (loads!) and Hammerpeads. We are building on the spawn area so we’ll move once we get established and see if it settles down. I fell in to the underwater lakes a few times and didn’t see any Deacon Sharks, though I wasn’t down there for too long!!!

  2. version 013 is released that will hopefully fix the problem with too many spawns. everything can despawn now that doesn’t have a ‘name tag’ so walk away from spawn to clear up too many spawns at world spawn if things get bad again..

    • Awesome work on the spawns, appears to have cleared up our main issues. Had a few weird spawns happening inside the base despite having fully lit areas but we can deal with that. After hours of playing, the killall command found only 600 or so entities this time.

      However, a new major concern appears to be with underground lakes ‘generating’ inside existing chunks, especially inside the base area.

      I left the base to explore for the ship using underground tunnels. I was the only person on the server when this happened. I explored approx East 400 blocks using a single tunnel and replace the floor with Road at first. When I returned, 1 of the corridors had been partially replaced with a lake, it almost looked like an explosion. Luckily no chests or important items were in that area… At first, I blamed using the Road block which caused speed glitches and errors on the server logs (see below). So this time I ventured North, this time without using the Road block. Again, on return to the base another more critical corridor had been replaced by a tunnel and some important blocks were gone (some crafting tables, barrels etc). Our main processing room was fine though.

      Note the following:
      Our base is still currently on the spawn.
      The Road block increases movement speed substantionally, however it has many bugs;
      – Sometimes taking damage when walking next to a 1 block wall with a space at the feet.
      – Sometimes unable to enter an area 2 blocks high
      – If you place a bucket of water on a 1 block wide Road (in a tunnel) and run through it, you get propelled 50 or so blocks (I think this was causing server log errors)

      If you need more info, e-mail me

      Cheers for the mod 🙂

      • Correction on this sentence: So this time I ventured North, this time without using the Road block. Again, on return to the base another more critical corridor had been replaced by an underground lake and some important blocks were gone (some crafting tables, barrels etc). Our main processing room was fine though.

        replace by a tunnel = replaced by an underground lake …

        If that wasn’t an obvious typo!! 🙂

      • i will have to look at the terrain generation system. i may have seen that happen before. i suspect another chunk was loaded adjacent to it and it created a lake that was larger than its chunk boundary. i will look at the code Ri5ux wrote for that. thanks for reporting the behavior.

      • in regards to indoor spawns, what type of floor does your base have? i may have to change the check for creature spawn to not spawn on certain materials to address that. sorry i had to change so many things in minecraft to get all this to work together for Prometheus Rising including the java AVP code itself.

  3. Floor was stone half slabs (top half only) to give a ‘cheap’ floor option considering the limited resources. Could it be that it’s not counting as a floor? Also walls are still original AVP world Stone. The main problem area appears to be very close to the outside of the base, that being the side of a hill.

    I don’t believe lighting is an issue, using the Road lights as they are cheaper.

    Just realised that getting Calcium and Leather is a hard task!! There are no cows on any of the quest rewards which would solve the Leather/Calcium (from Milk) crisis.

    • I think so far it’s just Leather that appears impossible to get. It may be painfully possible from fishing but the Auto Fisher from minefactory can’t be crafted (the fishing rod recipe isn’t available, probably due to replaced with Wooden/Stone rods etc), and other rods aren’t recognised as a replacement. Managed to get calcium from the fusion chamber and silicon is very hard to get!! (making computercraft and applied energistics very challenging).

      • look in the /scripts directory in the modpack folder and there is a file called recipes.zs. there is the code i wrote to replace all fishing with the Just a Few Fish mod so that fishing would be both entertaining and dangerous with the Deacon Sharks and with the worms from exnihilo mod. You need to make the ‘wooden fishing rod’ from JAFF mod to fish and bait with the worms you crook out of infested trees. For leather, I was contemplating having leather drop from Goo Mutants and make them spawn a little more often. I am also in the process of adding a ‘goo attack’ from the Goo Mutants, which should make leather gathering a lot of fun hehe.

      • you can get 2 cow spawn eggs from the quest labeled ‘synthesize chemicals’ after ‘build basic machines’ and ‘better living thru chemistry’ quests.

      • That sounds cool. 1 question… what vincinity is the ship crash land supposed to be? We’ve been searching (A LOT) and so far no luck… Only deaths! That big dragon thing is scary!! 🙂

      • your ship is broken up into pieces. you will find wreckage with chests of gear, food and other items in them. there is another ship or two to find, but they are not yours.

      • Oh and can you do something about Silicon? You need a lot for AE2 and its super rare… Can’t synthesise or convert. Usually you get it from Sand and even then you have to farm lots

  4. I see the problem now. We can’t reach the Build Basic Machines quest because the Steam Dynamo quest is bugged. We’ve crafted 15 so far and it doesn’t recognise them… Held them, thrown them, placed them all while opening the book straight after. No manual submit option, any suggestions? 🙂

    • I have a new version coming out, potentially even later today- which has the Goo Mutant’s drop leather and gives them a black goo special attack. I will include the quest fix in that build.

    • try it now, version 014 released of client and server. Goo Mutant’s now have special attack and spawn more readily and i made sure those quests worked. also tested other quests and spot checked..

      • Haven’t applied this yet but we just had another major lake spawn inside our base and this time it erased half of the fusion chamber. We didn’t even go exploring this time so no new chunks have been discovered. Also, all surrounding chunks of our base have been discovered already so this really does seem very random.

      • I have found a fix to stop lakes from spawning, which wasn’t really my favorite part of Ri5ux’s new updates to Varda. I already had to move lava spawn to below 32Y to fix always getting killed by lava.

  5. Also the spawns inside the base area are still quite bad. That’s where we’ve lost most of our lives which is a shame… What are the spawn conditions for the mobs so we can build our base properly?

  6. One minor issue we have encountered. We get a lot of Sky Stone Dust, but we can’t make it in to Sky Stone Blocks. And we need Sky Stone Blocks to make ME Controller. After fully upgrading gear etc it was an acceptable challenge to go hunting for ships etc and we managed to get all the components, but without Sky Stone dust we’re stuck with millions of chests and no energistics to fix it

    • I have tried to fix all three of your problems Dave. version 015 allows you to make Sky Stone Block with 4 sky stone dust on a crafting table. Also the lakes randomly forming in previously explored areas should no longer happen. And finally, monsters should be able to spawn within your lit bases anymore (crossing fingers).

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