Prometheus Rising 015 Released

Updated to version 015. Lakes will no longer generate in previously explored chunks. Sky Stone can now be formed on a crafting table from Sky Stone Dust. Mobs should no longer spawn in lit bases.

11 thoughts on “Prometheus Rising 015 Released

  1. I recommend adding Iguana Tweaks to this modpack. What it does is it makes it to where you can level up your Tinkerers Construct tools when you mine. It’s a really cool mod with Tinkerers Construct. This is just a suggestion.

    • I have looked at that mod a few times and have had people recommend it in other packs. May look at adding it to Prometheus Rising. I didn’t want to have tinkers in this pack at all, but many people feel lost without it.

  2. Just some more feedback:
    Lithium Ore?? Did you add it, does it exist?? What Y does it spawn between? We’ve spent hours looking for it… I think the spawn rate is broken or something.
    Silicon is difficult to find but not impossible. Can’t be pulverised or synthesised from anything else unfortunately like other mods.
    Aluminium is a weird one. The dust block (gravel ore and sand ore) can’t be pulverised.
    Below Y50 I’ve never seen any creatures spawn. Great for exploring cave networks but just strange that we had so many issues at the surface but nothing below it. Something to think about 🙂 At least if the ore spawn rate was increased for silicon and lithium, the creature spawn rate below Y could be too – I’d live with that!!! hopefully!

    • The AVP mod ores aren’t fully compatible with the other mods in the pack, but the mod author Ri5ux has been working on closer integration with Thermal Expansion/RF energy. I looked up the spawn rate of Lithium and will increase it with my next release as it is rare now. The way the code works for LV-223 is tricky, but will have more engineers and space jockeys spawning underground in the next release (was testing this morning). To fix these things, I am actually modifying AVP mod’s java code; so I can do quite a bit with the AVP mod itself. Have had to modify thousands of lines of code to get things to work as desired in Prometheus Rising.

    • v016 released. i increased lithium, silicon and diamond spawn. found them while exploring after making update. also your wish came true on monsters in caves. watch out!

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