Aliens vs Predator: Prometheus Rising is Trending!

Our new sci-fi horror mod pack set on the moon LV-223 Varda, from the movie Prometheus (Alien prequel) is trending page 1 of Technic!  Please help us trend to #1 place on Technic by trying out the pack this weekend!  This pack also has a YouTube series that is both roleplay and a tutorial, so come join the fun because the YouTube series link and the wiki is hard-coded into the main menu of Prometheus Rising.

javaw 2016-04-01 17-12-25-54

If you don’t know how to get Prometheus Rising, just go to and choose your operating system download from Windows, MacOS or Linux.

Launch the Technic Launcher which will look like the above picture, type ‘AVP’ or ‘Prometheus’ into that search box you see on the upper left of the above image.

It will show you the Prometheus Rising mod pack in the navigation panel on the left side of the image.  Select it and click Install.  Congratz you are finished!  If you have problems, it is probably because you need to use 64-bit Java; which is a good idea anyways to update to on Java version 8.  If you have Windows, go here> If MacOs, go here>

Here is the YouTube series with Ulandos below, featuring one of the more action packed episodes so far:


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