AliensVsPredator: Prometheus Rising

Coming Spring 2016 to Technic, Curse Launcher and!


You play as a civilian scientist on a mission to discover the fate of the USCSS Prometheus and her crew.  Upon waking from cryosleep, you and your crew find yourself scrambling for your life as your own spaceship is shot out of the sky.  Survive on the moon LV-223 Varda from the movie Prometheus with your friends in multi-player or alone in single-player.  Use science to unlock the secrets of Colonial Marine, Predator, Engineer and Alien technology.  Research the Assembler and locate Yautja Artifacts that will allow you to create Predator armor which allows you to see in thermal and electromagnetic spectrum.  Wear Alien armor that allows you to scale vertical surfaces like an actual Xenomorph.  Use science and the power of your mind to research and design your own custom spaceship and head to LV-426 Acheron and beyond!  Check out and for more information and the coming release date!  Prometheus Rising is part of the AliensVsPredator UNIVERSE. and are not-for-profit hobbyist gamers looking to bring fun, education and excitement about science to Minecraft.


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