Seven DayZ to Mine Public Server Open

Happy Holidays!  I hope that everyone has had a great year and now has some time to sit down and play some games.

Speaking of that; I have been super busy at work, but have taken time to get the Seven DayZ to Mine server online and configured this week.

There is a in-game shop and this time around you get money from experience gained, which can be used to purchase ammo for the guns you find while exploring.

Salem123412 and CallyStints return as co-owners.

/bed is how you return to your bed, instead of /home.

/spawn takes you to the shop, which has a place to adjust your temperature.

You can /tpa, /trade, check your /wallet and /trade with other players.

Towns can be created by players with protections against all known mods, stops players from entering and mobs from spawning.  Type /t for town information.  Towns require diamonds when claiming.

Get Seven DayZ to Mine here>  The server IP is hard-coded into the multiplayer screen.

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