7 DayZ to Mine – BETA Pre-Release 2 – Now with In-Game Soundtrack!

In this video I play some 7 DayZ to Mine and show off the new creative commons in-game soundtrack.  Unlike other zombie apocalypse games out there, 7 DayZ to Mine is procedurally generated and is different each time you play; with chest/container loot becoming better while exploring in more dangerous places- protected by special zombies and mutants.

BTW- this new version of 7 DayZ to Mine is now available on the Technic platform for Minecraft.  http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/7-dayz-to-mine.621982

recent changelog:

  • Polished up the gaming menus, interfaces and guides to be more clean and sharp.
  • Over 600 items now spawn as loot in chests that are protected by special zombies.
  • Added in-game soundtrack and sound replacements for the annoying vanilla sounds
  • Better performance on slower computers and better compatibility on Macs, especially if you use the Lite version of the client available via the modpack options within the Technic launcher.
  • Updated all the mods to their latest and most stable code.
  • Add interesting and themed content to the world generation such as special zombie spawners and modded blocks to city generation.  Modify existing ruins, wall and cities so that they are more theme appropriate and dangerous.
  • Populated almost all of the walls, towers and structures of the world with chances to find guns, ammo and household items.
  • Items found in chests can be salvaged down to more basic components using a crafting table, such as salvaging a wine rack to get wooden planks or a fish bowl into a glass bottle.  Also decorative items can be used as fuel in a furnace if you have duplicates or just want to get rid of clutter.
  • Removed physics which was causing issues with world generation and replace with an air quality mechanic that makes underground and nether exploration more challenging.  Also using the new enviromine code with much better hypothermia, heat stroke and other effects than the old version.
  • Increased difficulty to hard and slightly increased frequency of cracked zombie spawns.
  • Added Lite client version for slow computers.  Deluxe version for atmospheric light maps and sound reverb/occlusion.  Ultra version for fast gaming computers and post processing effects.

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