Dev_ill’s Modernized

I started playing and modifying Minecraft as a hobby to get into with my son.  He loves to build modern looking architecture in Minecraft and wanted to have his own mod pack.

In Dev_ill’s Modernized you can build modernized architecture with thousands of decorations, furniture and building materials! Populate your world with working vehicles such as helicopters and sports cars. Paint, sculpt and cook up artistic creations using foods and materials found within the world.

Intended to be played as a building pack in creative mode, but you can also play in survival mode with the goal being to both survive the environment and make the most awesome builds!  More guns, vehicles and props than you may know what to do with.  If you get a chance, check it out and let us know what mods you would like to see in Dev_ill’s Modernized.
It has shaders available and very nice textures, which also means that you need a decent computer to use them.

3 thoughts on “Dev_ill’s Modernized

    • Dev_ill is my ten year old son, so I don’t think he would allow a Narcotics mod into his mod pack. Thanks for the suggestion though. Have you tried my mod pack called Entropy? That has minechem and mind altering substances that you make yourself with chemistry; if you are into that sort of thing.

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