Entropy client and server, version 023 release

Version 023 of the Entropy mod pack was released a few days ago.  Before release, the guys at AegisGaming.org helped me do some stability testing and we had a lot of fun.

If you haven’t played Entropy yet, please check it out as I have put quite a bit of time and energy into making what I believe is the most innovative mod pack ever created for Minecraft.  I am not saying it is the best mod pack, but I think you will agree it is one of the most original ones out there after giving it some playtime.  Download Entropy client and server at http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/entropy-by-glixyl.72573 on the Technic platform, which makes it easy to get and play Minecraft mod packs.

MODS: Alien vs Predator, Galacticraft, Complex Machines, Applied Energistics, Modular Power Suits, LavaMonsters, Tornadoes, Falling Meteors, Zombie Awareness, Fluid Mechanics, Dynamic Lights, InvTweaks, Zipline/Grappling Hook, Flan’s mod with lots of packs, MineChem 3, Rei’s Minimap, ICBM, Moveplus, EnderStorage, Mekanism, Anti-burn (smp), Dungeon Crawler, Atomic Science, Player Heads, ChickenChunks, Assembly Line, ComputerCraft, Basic Components, Pet Bat, animated default texture pack supporting waving fire, leaves, grass, crops, etc.



Entropy has received 300+ likes on the Technic platform, which is not that easy of an accomplishment.  We are on the top of page 5, so please help us get to page 4 (out of 1736 pages!).  Thanks everyone!!

Technic launcher will soon be supporting Minecraft 1.6+, so expect some more releases from the Glixyl and Dev_ill team.  Follow @glixyl on Twitter> https://twitter.com/glixyl or on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/user/glixylpoussin.  We are working on a magic and exploration themed pack now that you will find similar to AdventureTech on the 1.6+ platform.

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