Dev_ill’s Adventure – Technic client and downloadable server

My son has been asking me to help him make a mod pack for a few months now.  We talk about the mods that should go into a fun adventure pack, such as which magic mods and  what world generation mods to use.

With Dev_ill’s Adventure I think that we have made a rather sturdy mod pack that has a lot of features and fun, rewarding exploration, tinkering and magical research.  The server is also contained by default in the client download so that you can get a server up within minutes.  Just follow the readme and within a few minutes your friends can be playing Dev_ill’s Adventure with you.  This mod pack is for kids of all ages, but don’t expect it to be easy.  Dynamic lights allow you to carry a torch around in your hand to illuminate the dark.  The default texture pack is animated so you will see waving leaves, grass, crops, fire, blinking animals and more.

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MODS: Dynamic Lights, Smart Moving/Player API, Ars Majicka, Rei’s Minimap, Twilight Forest, Nether Stuffs,Chisel (decorative blocks), Natura, ExtraBiomesXL, Barrels, NEI/plugins, BiblioCraft (shelves, armor stands), Tinker’s Construct, Steve’s Carts 2, Balkon’s Weapons

TECHNIC PAGE for Dev_ill’s Adventure:

DOWNLOAD TECHNIC LAUNCHER: and in the platform URL in the ‘Add New Pack’ icon shown above, paste>

SERVER DOWNLOAD: visit the Technic Page above for download link.

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