entropy let’s play

While vacationing overseas last Summer, I turned on my laptop while having coffee one morning and was surprised and flattered that a team of people were making videos about my new mod pack- Glixyl’s MoSMP.

Before Glixyl’s MoSMP for Minecraft 1.2.5, my Minecraft mod packs were for my close friends only and I had no intention of releasing them to the public.

The video series was by CaptainRob Gaming and featured some funny personas and lots of death.  I had a great time watching them get fragged by MoSMP over and over again.  I like to kill players because without difficulty, reward is empty.  🙂

One day, CaptainRob called me up and we talked about ideas for a disaster mod pack with objectives.  I tried for a while to put a multiplayer disaster pack together with the original entropy, but found mod support/tools lacking at the time and released a single player version instead.

With Minecraft 1.4.7, and its massive Forge mod library, the time was right to start a multiplayer entropy project again.  CaptainRob has started a Let’s Play of entropy on a Sky Dimension map and already gets into some trouble in his first episode here.

Thanks Rob- for help with ideas and for covering my mod packs over the last year.

-if you would like to try out entropy, try the Aegis Launcher.

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