Glixyl MoSMP v3.3 is a patch release, but still looks like pre-release video

After trying for quite some time, I have given up on trying to do a major update release for Glixyl MoSMP 3.3.  Forge dependencies related to Animal Bikes v2, Forge 3.3.8 and other mods will not allow me to do a major update.  Instead, MoSMP v3.3 is a patch release with a clean download for those people NOT upgrading an existing server.  Today, the patch.  Over the next few days I will release the whole package for new users and servers.

NOTE: MoSMP v3.3 still looks and behaves just like the video I posted a few days ago.

What the patch does:

SMP Nether Portal Fix – twilight forest 1.9.1 was breaking Nether portals.  Updating only this mod to version 1.10.1 fixes the problem, but it needs to be done on the client and server.

Twilight Forest Content – adds cave systems, goblins and other hostile monsters and their items to the twilight forest (awesome content).

(HOW-TO-PATCH MoSMP v3.2 to 3.3)

client – delete %appdata%/.minecraft/mods/  Put Twilight Forest 1.10.1 client in its place within the same %appdata%/.minecraft/mods directory.  The link on the download page reads ‘Download v1.10.0’

server – delete Glixyl-MoSMPv3.2-server/mods/  Put Twilight Forest server, also downloadable here,  in its place.

– the author of Twilight Forest uses AdFly links for downloads.  (tip- if you click on the ‘skip ad’ button in the upper right-hand corner, then ‘save-as’ on the green dialog box that says download in the middle of the screen it will go easier)

What the coming release/installer will do:

Allow a new server and clients to download and install a fresh copy of MoSMP v3.3 with some minor tweaks to the 3.2 build.  (existing servers and clients should just patch if they are happy with Glixyl MoSMP and don’t want to mess around)

Make sure to back up a fresh copy of Minecraft 1.2.5 in case you want to play with the full MoSMP v3.3 release or update to Minecraft 1.3 on accident in August. 

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