Coming Soon! – Glixyl MoSMP v3.3 client and server

UPDATE 7/23 (MoSMP v3.2 SMP Nether Portal Fix/Twilight Forest Upgrade): Twilight Forest 1.9.1 has a bug in multiplayer that breaks Nether portals in Glixyl MoSMP v3.2.  To fix the Nether portals and add all the new Twilight Forest content, all one needs to do is:

client – delete %appdata%/.minecraft/mods/twilightforest-1.9.1 with twilightforest-1.10.1

server – replace Glixyl-MoSMPv3.2-server/mods/twilightforest-1.9.1-server with twilightforest-1.10.1-server

** MAKE SURE that Twilight Forest v1.9.1 server and client mods are deleted from the /mods directory otherwise it will crash the server client and throw errors.. that means you forgot to delete the old 1.9.1 mods from clients and server.

UPDATE 7/22: Dependancy issues with Animal Bikes and Forge 3.3.8 are preventing me from updating many of these mods.  At this point MoSMP v3.3 is looking to be more of a patch than a major upgrade, which is sad because I wanted to update all the mods listed below.  The Animal Bikes v3 mod will not be released according to Noppes forum comments until Minecraft 1.3. (meaning a month or so from now)

UPDATE 7/11: Expecting a Animal Bikes v3 for Minecraft 1.2.5 sometime this week that will work against Forge 3.3.8.  Will try again if that is released soon.  Otherwise I need to revert to Forge 3.2 and that won’t eliminate the duping bug in EE2; which is the reason for wanting to release MoSMP v3.3 in the first place.  If nothing else, I will still release 3.3 with the new Twilight Forest and some other minor updates.

UPDATE 7/10: Found a critical bug with Animal Bikes v2 and Forge 3.3.8, so I had to start over with Forge 3.3.7 and downgrade IronChests and EE2.  Now having problems with ‘out of bounds’ exceptions on medium and ultra clients… working on it, but might need to use earlier forge version yet..

UPDATE 7/8: Now bug testing version 3.3 ultra client.  Have tested lite and medium clients without issue so far in SMP.  Looking good to release within the next few days..

I will be releasing a final version of MoSMP for Minecraft 1.2.5.  Minecraft 1.3 is coming out soon, and with that release it will take months for modders to catch up on mod content, so don’t forget to back up your .minecraft directory so that you can revert to MC1.2.5 in case of accidental clicking of Yes to update.

Glixyl MoSMP v3.3 Coming Soon!


I will release version 3.3 client in three versions:  Lite – for most computers and OS, Medium – between lite and ultra, Ultra – for only the most powerful computers.

Twilight Forest 1.10.1 – Adds content such as new cave systems, more spawning monsters and animals, new biomes, root systems for the trees and more items.  For existing MoSMP v3.2 server upgrades, the roots and new caves will be generated in unexplored chunks.

Equivalent Exchange 2 v1.4.6.6 – fixes duping exploits and other bugs.

Rei’s Minimap 3.2_04, Optifine HD_S_C3, Forge, SimpleOres v5 and IronChests 3.7.


I want to package the final version so that it last a long time, or at least until Minecraft 1.3 content and mods catch up.  If there is a mod you would like to have in the pack, please comment on this post and I will see what I can do without getting too crazy resolving block conflicts.


I will release instructions on how to update the server-side of things for existing v3.2 installations, as well as a clean v3.3 server install; from which you can just copy over your world map folder(s) into.  NOTE- If you delete the DIM 7 folder in the world map folder, the server will regenerate a new twilight forest world.  If you do this, please have your users grab their items from the existing twilight forest dimension and go to the overworld so that none of their stuff is lost.  I did this for my little server because only a few people play on it.

Also please take a look at an article I wrote earlier this year related to tuning Minecraft server for best results; which of course also applies to this mod pack.  I have found that chests open faster, crafting is less clunky and battles are more fluid with better hit detection and less latency/lag.

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