Spoutcraft Client, McMMO, Bukkit — get new Spoutcraft launcher from http://get.spout.org

Spout is a framework for Minecraft Craftbukkit servers.  Spoutcraft is a client that allows a seperate client to connect to Minecraft servers without messing up your regular Minecraft install. <Grab the newest Spoutcraft launcher from http://get.spout.org and you can use the ‘always use reccomended builds’ setting, currently of build 1107>

It is multi-platform supporting Mac, Linux and Windows and allows single-player mods to be used on bukkit servers.

In the case of our Minecraft server and this tournament, it can be used to provide a uniform experience and an enhanced graphics HUD.

In the screenshot, the HUD is used to track McMMO skill levels such as Woodcutting, Acrobatics or Swords.  McMMO is a mature RPG plugin for Bukkit that has a special HUD addon for Spout.

Visit either http://get.spout.org or http://dev.bukkit.org/client-mods/spoutcraft/ for the auto-updating client.  You can download the .exe for Windows or JAR for other platforms.  It won’t break your existing Minecraft client and installs in a different directory.  It also can use your normal texture packs without any patching, modding, etc.  The goal of this is so that you, the user, doesn’t have to do anything to play on the server.  Make sure to use the latest dev build from options and the reccomended build isn’t caught up to Minecraft 1.1 yet.  We have tested it stable for a couple of hours now on my LAN.  To connect to the server and use the mods, you will have to do NOTHING.. just connect with the Spoutcraft client.  Even if you don’t have the Spout client, you can connect as normal for now; you just wont have the HUDs.

Information on McMMO, skills and abilities> http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/mcmmo/

I will be changing out the map on the PVP test server within the next few hours, enabling McMMO, setting a world border radius and enabling the anti-xray/cheat mods.  I am also contemplating enabling chest protection since teams are developing in our PVP tournament it seems.. but that might take the fun out of mining in close quarters if someone can use a chest to roll-back damage.  I don’t like the idea of chest protection to tell the truth though, especially on a PVP server.

EDIT: 1/28- Bukkit / McMMO / Spoutcraft server online

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