Minecraft Hard Mode PVP Tourney

I have an idea for a fun but competitive private, corporate and/or family building Minecraft server.  I am testing it now on LAN and made this video to show a little bit about how to get established– for those who don’t know much and/or didn’t care for Minecraft in the past.  The game is MUCH better now and the vanilla survival multiplayer gameplay is brilliant.  There is enchanting of weapons and armor, gates to other dimensions with different natural laws and materials.

I will use our experience on private LAN to bring this to a larger audience of friends, then publish criteria and rules of conduct.  The premise is that each player has a time slot to get established without being griefed by other players.  While that player is playing, no other player will have access to the server.  Spawn protection zone will be large.  After the establisment period of a few days, the contest would last for a period of one real world moon cycle; in this case the new moon is February 21st, 2012 until March 22nd, 2012.

Tentative criteria for scoring is simple, ( (PVP kills x 3) – (death from any source)) = final player score, as determined by the server log.  In my opinion you need the 3x multiplier so people don’t just hunker down and mine foreover to win.

Victor gets bragging rights… the best prize of all!  I will send out emails to my friends and family to particapate.

EDIT: 1/24 – test server up

EDIT: 1/27 – try this threadsafe client http://www.mediafire.com/?u5d5qs6ec8dmi1j

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