Beautiful Deadly Update, Public Server

UPDATE 10/24/2014 – Beautiful, Deadly version 100 now live with public server in the Technic Launcher.

For those of you waiting for the Entropy downloadable server, it is almost ready and will be for the current version 106 and based on ForgeEssentials server instead of Bukkit (as I cannot distribute Bukkit/Cauldron code).

The new Beautiful Deadly update for Minecraft 1.7.10 is almost ready as well.  It will, like Entropy, be a Bukkit/Cauldron server on the public server; with a ForgeEssentials release.  After testing on the pubic server and one minor revision, the Beautiful Deadly server code will also be available for download.

This will be the next public server coming to and hopefully be online this weekend!

If you are interested in hosting a official (Bukkit) or non-official Entropy or Beautiful Deadly server with a permanent entry in the multi-player server list; please message me on Twitter @glixyl or make a comment on this post.

Collaborating with CaptainSparklez Mod Pack Team

I wanted to give a big shout out and thanks to Max Patten and friends for both collaborating with me on my newest works as well as allowing my mod packs to be hosted from their Technic Solder repository.

Max is the maker of mod packs for CaptainSparkles’ YouTube channel with millions and millions of combined views, such as Ultra Modded Survival and Super Modded Survival.

Max also helped me with the latest version of Entropy, version 105-106; which I have had great feedback on so far.  Salut!

In the coming months, Max and I plan to release a mod pack together; so hold on to your hat!!!


Entropy Server Download for ForgeEssentials

WATCH HERE FOR DOWNLOAD COMING on the 21st or 22nd of October.

Most Minecraft mod pack makers and server owners are having issues now because Bukkit, the famous server plugin system, has been being blocked for distribution by a DMCA request.  (meaning no one can distribute Bukkit code for servers, which is why I haven’t released a server for the new version of Entropy).  We have been patiently waiting for a solution, but the movement is slow with no end in sight.

For that reason I have been testing the use of ForgeEssentials as a downloadable server, which is actually pretty cool and seems to work well on Entropy.

Entropy Invasion: Flan’s Vehicle Fix

Small update, but big fix to Entropy Invasion.  Download it from the Technic Launcher and ‘Add Modpack’ if you haven’t tried Entropy yet.  In my humble opinion, it is one of the most unique and challenging mod packs out there.

The new version fixes Flan’s mod crafting table and has a new version of dynamic lights.  ** You must update to version 106 of the client to join the public server; but that is automatic.  More than 650 players have tried out the Entropy public server so far.


Entropy: Chapter 2, Invasion Public Server and Update

UPDATE 10/15/2014 – We’ve had over 600 players join the new Entropy server.  In the evenings (US time), there are a good amount of people on so come join the fun.  I also changed block physics stability for modded content to be more sturdy on client and server, hopefully making building on space stations and asteroids much easier.

Good day everyone,

Today I am happy to announce that my mod packs will now have public servers to play on.

We are starting with the new version of Entropy for Minecraft 1.7.10 as the first server.  Come and play in this PVP environment with, or against, your friends and strangers.  Update your Technic Entropy client or download it on the Technic platform at


To play on the server, select it from the multiplayer server list within the Entropy client.

The rules are PVP = ON, difficulty = normal (but with aliens assume hard), spawn camping = ban

The servers will be lightly moderated and very difficult, so you should probably team up with other players more than kill everyone you see.  The Xenomorphs will have killing all taken care of for you :)  Soon I will be looking for moderators and potentially administrators to help both manage the servers and extend the mod pack (details coming in a new post on ideas/teams to extend the ruins and planet systems with AvP content)

Read the book I have put in your inventory to get started in single player or on the provided server.


-I want my old Entropy version back, where is it?  ANSWER: select version 023 in the Entropy mod pack options in the launcher and it will revert to the MC 1.5.2 version of Entropy.

-Why doesn’t the new Entropy version have the same mods as the old one?  ANSWER: not all of the mods are available between Minecraft versions.  It wasn’t possible.  The new version of Entropy is based on code that is more than 1 year newer (Minecraft 1.7.10).

-Why is there less technical mods in this version?  ANSWER: actually, there are more mods in this version; but they are balanced more between cosmetics, technical aspects, environment and an element of subtlety.  Too often mod pack authors try to jam WAY too much content into things.. I am looking for this version of Entropy to be polished and faster paced; more akin to a sandbox.

-Will you release a downloadable server for the new version of Entropy?  ANSWER: yes once the current battle over Bukkit/CraftBukkit/Cauldron has resolved, otherwise I will need to distribute a non-Bukkit version; which will operate fine but not have plugins.

Entropy Chapter 2, Invasion: Beta update

UPDATE 9/20 – Public Entropy server online.  Get the Entropy Invasion mod pack here on Technic!

Please help me test the new version of Entropy before I replace the existing Entropy with Chapter 2: INVASION.  If you do or don’t find bugs, but have suggestions or comments; please post a comment to me on Twitter (@glixyl), Discuss on Technic, my YouTube channel or on this blog.

Update 9/8/2014-Thanks to @72206 for reporting a monster spawner bug on Technic Discuss. It has been fixed.

To the end, I have released a new version of the Entropy BETA and a server as well.

Changelog v003:  Replaced all Liteloader mods with Forge equivalents.  Added some iChun mods such as ‘It fell from the sky’.  Fixed a sound bug that was crashing the client during storms.

ENTROPY: INVASION is a survival space horror mod pack with disaster and extreme survival aspects.  It is scary, challenging, beautiful and rewarding.  There are cyclones, tornadoes, land-slides, cave-ins, tree snags, thirst, aliens and predators, meteor strikes, Pigzillas and more!

Explore the Moon and Mars with your Tier 1 and Tier 2 spaceships.  Use Mekanism technologies to make realistic jetpacks, robot followers, ore processors, universal power conversion, balloons and other technical content.  Build a logistics and storage network with remote panels.  Harness and wield water, fire and redstone particles with your particle glove; unleashing streams of fire and redstone at your enemies, or use water particles to either shield yourself or levitate.  Make a hang glider!

Help the Marines and engage in firefights against the aliens, predators and other hostiles.  Feed a bat pumpkin pie to gain a follower that will gain experience and abilities from battle, as well as temporary night vision while held.

After zooming in with binoculars or a scope, use one of hundreds of guns, explosives, rocket launchers and other weapons against aliens and foes.  Make and drive a tank or jeep.  Fly a plane.  Pilot a titan!  Craft and wear Predator armor with a custom HUD.  Craft and wear Xenomorph armor that allows you to climb walls.

Visit the End for a expanded experience including new ores, dungeons and monsters.  Construct and operate realistic computers from the component level up.  Explore new villages and ruins that may have some surprises for you.

Dynamic light maps and shader-like effects (without the use of shaders), make Entropy: Invasion both beautiful and perform well, even on slower gaming computers.  SoundFilters add reverb in caves and materials block out sounds; making mining and exploration more realistic and immersive.

p.s.- check out dimension LV223 (-7) by using a LV223 portal, where I have been starting to add some custom world generation.  I have big plans for Entropy, so stay tuned for further news.

ENTROPY: INVASION on Technic – BETA client version

Happy Labor Day for those of you who are celebrating it today.

As a salute to Labor Day, I decided to release a BETA version of the ENTROPY: INVASION client to the Technic platform.

My son and I have tested the mod pack and it works on our MacOS computers as well as Windows well.  If you want to try it out, go to it’s Technic page under an alternative account I made.  This version will replace the current version of Entropy on Technic after it is stable and a few more mods are updated to Minecraft 1.7.10.  A server will be released soon with the next version.  A few mods will also be added to the next version most certainly, so treat this as BETA software please as IDs may change as well as mod functionality.  Please post bugs to the Entropy: Invasion discussion page located on the Technic mod pack tab.



Survival space horror and disaster mod pack with a fast pace and even faster action!  Earth has been invaded by Aliens and the environment is unstable.  Fight the invading horde, or head to the Moon or Mars and establish a base there.  Maybe even take the fight to the Xenomorphs or their creators?   

Alien vs Predator, thirst, disasters such as landslides, cave-ins, tree snags, cracking ice, falling meteors, storms with hail, cyclones and tornadoes.  Features space travel, guns, bombs, mechs, planes, tanks, more realistic computers, jet packs, generators, reactors, ruins to explore, a pet bat, and much more!

In addition to dynamic and advanced lighting effects without the use of shaders, ENTROPY: INVASION features advanced sound filters which provide reverb in caves as well as muted sounds when behind materials and sound deadening.  I tried to design this mod pack so that slower computers could use it.

:Mobs, Food and Animal Changes:
Xenomorphs (many types including ranged attacks and summoners), Facehuggers, Chest Busters, Predator, Marines.
Squid drop raw squid, sheep drop mutton, chickens shed feathers occasionally, fried egg, carrot soup.
Pet Bat – feed a bat pumpkin pie and he will fight for you and give you night vision when holding him.

:Weapons and Armor:
Aliens vs Predator guns, grenades and marine, xenomorph and predator armors.
Particle man glove with redstone, water and fire powers including ranged attacks and shields.
Flan’s mods modern weapons, WW2, Nerf, Titan, ye olde packs inculding planes, tanks and more.
Ropes, Grappling Hook, Zip Line
Meteors mod tools and weapons including magnetic/freeze armor.

:Evironment and Structures:
Localized Weather and Storms mod – wind storms, hail, blowing leaves, particle clouds, cyclones and tornadoes
Ruins mod, Galacticraft, Aliens vs Predator
Copper, Tin, Steel, Titanium, Aluminum, Osmium and other ores
Oil generation
Falling Meteors mod
Applied Energistics storage as well as Bibliocraft storage

OpenComputers with OpenComponents – realistic modular computers.
OreConverter tool

Mekanism Generators and Tools including jet packs, reactors, balloons, energy cubes, solar and wind power.
Ender storage
Voxelmap with very good cave and dynamic light mapping

Galacticraft – the Moon and Mars!

NOTE: Minecraft 1.7.10 is notoriously difficult to work with, but I decided to give it a go.  I cannot add most mods that you may wish to add because of compatibility issues with many 1.7.10 mods.  If you do have an idea though, please don’t hesitate to make a suggestion.


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