7 DayZ to Mine


There are a lot of zombie apocalypse modpacks out there that stylize themselves after DayZ, Fallout or 7 Days to Die.  I decided to throw my hat in the ring and make what I hope you will think is the best version for Minecraft that has been made; complete with abandoned cities, houses, ruins that have roads and custom loot generation such as guns/ammo.  7 DayZ to Mine is still a work in progress, but soon there will be a public server as I think the interest will be there.  Here are some screenshots of my progress so far.. and by the way we are on the trending mod packs list; install, play and ‘Like this Modpack’ please!  Also please leave feedback for any mods you would like to see in 7 DayZ to Mine.


Development Milestones and Status:

1. Basic terrain generation, look and feel, core mod selection – 75% complete

2. Structure generation with custom loot – 50% complete, many more structures to come

3. Balance and refinement, advanced content – 25% complete

4. LAN mode, Public Server and Downloadable Server – 10% complete, LAN mode working

Thanks to Amaxter for creating the Technic assets (artwork) for the launcher!

You need to select Realistic Alpha world type to get a more appropriate wasteland effect like above.

Beautiful, Deadly final testing phase – downloadable server


You can now download your own server for Beautiful, Deadly for you and your friends.  Also testing continues on the public test server that is hard-coded into the client.  If you play 12 hours or more, you will receive Builder rank.  However, idle time isn’t counted.  (you know who you are)

Download Client and Server for Beautiful, Deadly Here

Happy St. Patrick’s Day – Here.. have some Revenge

Happy St. Patrick’s Day


I wanted to give an update related to Entropy current status, Beautiful, Deadly testing and a new version of Glixyl’s Revenge.

Entropy current status:  The Entropy client/server recently needed to be updated due to an issue with the Aliens vs Predator updater.  Luckily the mod author released a fix for us yesterday that stopped the crashes.  For the server.. I am afraid that once again the public server isn’t operating properly.  This is once again due to Aliens vs Predator mod and its insane, uncontrollable, hive resin issue.  (currently there is between 50k and 90k resin loaded as tile entities at all times) This only seems to happen with lots of players over time and didn’t happen during our testing.  Whenever we’ve had enough of the current lagfest, we will need to reboot the map and try a new world generation method I am testing that doesn’t have any resin.

Beautiful, Deadly testing status:  I have a new version of Beautiful, Deadly (107) ready to deploy to the test server and Technic launcher.  It is an update to most the mods and will fix a couple of crash conditions in both single player and multiplayer.  Thank you for those who have tested so far.  A map wipe may be required for the next testing phase, so I apologize in advance.  I expect testing to continue until March 27th.  107 code will be released before this Thursday.

Glixyl’s Revenge:  Until I released Entropy in 2013, most people were mainly interested in my pack called Revenge; which I made in 2012 as a challenge to myself to release something larger and more complex than the Technic/Tekkit mod packs.

A few months ago I released a poll to ask you guys which mod pack I should work on.  Revenge won and I tried to release Revenge for Minecraft 1.7.10.  Unfortunately I had to abandon work on Revenge until recently due to lack of availability of key mods; which are now available.  Today, I release Glixyl’s Revenge into Alpha status for Minecraft 1.7.10.  You need to allocate 2GB of RAM to Technic otherwise you will crash/run out of memory.  Please be patient during loading as the new Revenge has more than 180 Forge mods to load during initialization.

Mod list for Revenge> http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/glixyls-revenge-ii.77097/mods

Thanks for the artwork Amaxter!

My friend Amaxter is the maker of the most popular mod packs on Technic, including Steve’s Galaxy, Realm of Mianite, Simplify and many more which you are sure to have heard of.  He also shares (lets me use) his solder repository and we collaborate on ideas from time to time.  Amaxter has done me the honor of making new artwork for Entropy and Beautiful, Deadly.  And.. Revenge; which is being reworked for Minecraft 1.7.10, will have a new version available soon too – so far I have over 202 Forge mods loaded into the client..

Glixyl’s Beautiful, Deadly Technic graphics made by Amaxter

Glixyl’s Entropy Technic art made by Amaxter

Glixyl’s Revenge artwork created by Amaxter

Beautiful, Deadly Reworked

Beautiful, Deadly was in need of an update; so I decided to expand it quite a bit and add a bunch of mods (102 mods in total).  On March 6th I begin open testing of the Beautiful, Deadly public server; which will be a way for players to achieve the Builder rank on not only the new Beautiful, Deadly server; but on Entropy as well.  Merchant rank will also open up for previous testers who are now a Builder.  <Download Beautiful, Deadly for Free Here>

I tried to make the graphics as good as possible for each option possible; such as with or without shaders.  Also sound filters with cave reverb is available in the Deluxe version (104 at the time of this writing).  Here are some screenshots to show you what I mean.  The same textures are shown in each picture, which are only 16x (default Minecraft size).

Beautiful, Deadly without Shaders

Beautiful, Deadly without Shaders

Same scene, with Deluxe version of the client (Shaders)

Same scene, with Deluxe version of the client (Shaders)

Same scene with CUDA shaders (less resource intensive)

Same scene with CUDA shaders (less resource intensive)

Different scene with bump mapping and other effects, also in the Deluxe version.

Different scene with bump mapping and other effects, also in the Deluxe version.

Entropy Reworked, 110+ Mods, New Server on Valentine’s Day!

The new expanded version of Entropy* has been in play testing.  There are now 110+ mods in Entropy, with some additions that I am sure you will love.  Our testing team has concluded testing and recommending item/gameplay balance changes.  There are now two versions of Entropy to choose from; Lite (recommended) and Deluxe (latest version).  Lite is for slower computers or computers that have problems with Optifine.  Deluxe version has shaders and sound filters.


*BACKUP YOUR SINGLE PLAYER WORLDS, this version of Entropy breaks your existing maps.

Thanks to the following players for testing:

salem123412, Krole69 – now Entropy Moderators with /kick and /ban capabilities to help police for idiots.  They cannot cheat though and are regular players without game-altering powers.

Lunar_Admiral, CallyStints, MMDGLaDOS, ubermincraft, dimondhunter, killercroc2002 – now Entropy builder rank with some extra commands and perks.

New Server on Valentine’s Day, February 14th.  New Map, New Mods, New Structures!

Highlights/New Mods:  Open Modular Turrets, 4Space adds Venus, Mercury and other planets to Galacticraft, MineChem, Better Records, Big Reactors, Minefactory Reloaded, Crayfish Furniture Mod, Obsidiplates, Re-adding of a glitch-fixed OpenBlocks, Pam’s Harvestcraft (tons of foods), Thermal Expansion, Tradebooth, Minetweaker and more.


Many blocks and items have had their recipes removed or have been disabled to fix glitches.  I hope that you have a fair and balanced gaming experience when I open the server tomorrow.  You keep your money and clans from the last map.

Entropy Survival Server Relaunch January 23rd

UPDATE 1/23:  The new Entropy server is open, with the features listed below.  Please avoid combat in the spawn area.  You also can’t build in the spawn area and need to leave the city.  Read claim information below.

Thanks to the many people who have provided feedback for the Entropy mod pack and server.  In particular, thanks to salem123412, mmdglados, Captain Rob Gaming, krole69, Edreak and Amaxter for their help; not to mention all of the mod authors, especially Arisuxx for Aliens vs Predator, Coros for the Localized Weather Mod and the Enviromine team.


There is good news and bad news.  The bad news first:

– The current survival map is broken due to ‘hive resin’ and other AvP blocks spreading like mad; creating hundreds of thousands of ticking tile entities.  (I can stop this moving forward).  We will need to start a new map though and there is nothing I can do about it.. sorry, I tried.

The good news.  I have taken feedback from salem123412 and mmdglados related to server security and game balance.  The following changes will be in effect when the new server launches on 1/23/2015:

1.  The OpenBlocks mod will be removed because of many exploits, some which allow duping, griefing and removal of blocks in protected zones.

2.  Updated anti-griefing, spamming and cheating controls will be put into place.  This is being done due to the amount of time players have spent trying to break my server.  I provide my servers as a free service to the community, and make no money from any of it, so it pains me that people are bent on destroying it at the expense of other’s enjoyment.

3.  The SecurityCraft Code Breaker device is disabled.  In combination with the new claim system, SecurityCraft should keep your gear safe; even when on the surface.  However, you will still need to deploy a Meteor Shield and a Weather Deflector to protect your land from nature.

4.  All users will have the ability to make a claim, by placing their first chest.  Users can trust others to use their claims and open their containers/etc.  The size of your claim is dependent on your total amount of (non-idle) playing time.  This claim is protected against the mods tested in Entropy with some caveats.

5.  To help reduce lag and abuse, there will be an economy and costs associated with teleportation, kits and other functions.

6.  The concept of community is being added with the introduction of a clan or guild system.  Also a scoreboard will record kills, deaths and other details for the player and their respective clans.

7.  Login this Friday, January 23rd to the new server.  Certain players will be promoted to ‘mods’ and those players will be announced.  They will be able to see server lag and stop/restart the server when conditions require it.  Also they will be able to contact me more directly to alert of problems.

Thanks and maybe I will see you on the Entropy:Battlefield server also available within the mulitplayer area of the Entropy client.


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